Technology applications for the retail industry

Our retail solutions look out for the wellbeing of your business by ensuring that your business is optimized and protected at all times. This is done by keeping an eye for known shoplifters and analyzing suspicious behaviors to prevent theft, and by notifying against out-of-stocks so that future selling opportunities are not missed.


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Infrastructure contingency plans

Our cutting-edge infrastructure solutions are carefully designed with contingency plans so that unexpected events don't interrupt payment processing and other important business operations. We are able to achieve this by placing redundant network solutions that kick in automatically in the event of a failure. Our goal with this approach is simply to allow our clients to continue to operate until the incident can be remediated.

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Behavioral analysis to reduce theft

Our surveillance solutions uses artificial intelligence and behavioral analysis to reduce theft by alerting staff if customers are acting suspiciously. A staff member can quickly watch the mini-clip and confirm if it's valid or not. If it is, a potential theft can be stopped, therefore decreasing losses. A combination of employee dishonesty, shoplifting, vendor fraud, and administrative errors have resulted in store owners losing large amounts of revenue on a daily basis.

Security guard looking at monitor surveillance.


Out-of-stocks alerting to increase sales

With artificial intelligence and surveillance image processing, out-of-stock merchandise on shelves will be a thing of the past. Staff is instantly notified by the system when an empty space is noticed on a shelve. The intent is to have fast replenishing to avoid losing sales opportunities and therefore increasing sales.

Person with tablet in front of supermarket aisle.


Facial recognition to alert against unwanted people

A facial recognition system in the retail industry is indispensable. Identifying a person from a video surveillance frame is important to retailers since it allows the comparison of a customer face to a self-maintained blacklist database. When there is a match, staff members are notified so that they can prevent the individual from navigating the premises.

CCTV with facial recognition capabilities.


Heat maps and head counts for analytics

Our surveillance solutions can be used to generate heat maps from customer behaviors to see movement patterns and their path to purchase. Comparing heat maps from before and after a merchandise change has been made in your retail store can give insights to see if the changes have given the desired outcomes. Head counts in the other hand, can be used to count total visitors in a given date or time range. This serves to know peak hours and compare head counts from previous time ranges.

Employee with tablet looking at heat maps.


Timed announcements for in-store marketing

Our audio and paging systems are heavily used by retailers to play timed announcements throughout the day. This is specifically useful when you want certain messages to be played in intervals so that customers can hear them as they shop. Some examples are current and future sale items, operation hours, upcoming events, and much more. In addition, our audio systems also have paging capabilities so that staff members can use it to direct a message towards shoppers if theres a need to do so.

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Our solution top benefits

Decrease losses by preventing network shutdowns

Decrease losses by reducing shoplifting

Increase profits by notifying against out-of-stocks

Design heavily focused on the retail industry

Installed and maintained by certified elite installers

Trusted by top retailers

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A very professional company; always answer calls / messages promptly, which is a must in this industry. These guys are reliable and also fight for your business. You can trust them to lock it down!

Jonathan Diaz
Owner at Fine Fare Supermarket

Reliable IT partner that's always there for us. They performed an excellent job in our store, where they restructured our network and centralized our equipment. We would definitely recommend!

Geraldine Acosta
Co-Owner at Ideal Food Basket

Excellent service. They installed, secured, and configured our network in a very professional manner. We now feel secure after they designed our network infrastructure from scratch.

Juan Carlos Nolasco
Owner at Skillman Autobody & Repair

Organized and reliable team. They presented us with a long-term plan that adjusted to our needs. In the end, having them as our IT partner has improved our uptime dramatically.

Luis Rodriguez
General Manager at Pioneer Supermarket

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